Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mmmm Indian and cravings...

Isit to hot tonight or is it just me
Today i needed to go to sort some stuff out with the ex Cos hes the dad of are little girl who will soon be arriving into this world in december so we went to sort stuff out
It was a good day we sat and just monged out for ages . . We saw nat from work she is Lovely!! she showed me her little sisters room its beautiful and makes me want to be a mummy really soon :)

We ordered the best indian cos i said jamal indian is lovely and it was brilliant all freshley cooked haha even though mine was a bit spicey and ryan being so hard thaught it wasnt spicey till he tried it . . He was easily breaking out into a sweat I could so tell he loved it by his reaction "That Tastes Rank" Lol funny

So yeah im back at home and watching scary movie in bed with a bottle of the Hard stuff  'Dr Pepper'
I could really do with some Haribo but i cant even be bothered going down to the Garage for them even though im craving them! I have £1.50 so might go on my dads bike to get some haha
If only i had a Haribo Shop next door to me Haha that would be cool
I also left my keys at his house so im hopeing he brings them to me tomorow after work with my butterfly clip i left there . .

So yep i am gunna go now i think i have blabbed abit to much

Much love xoxo

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Hey Stud Muffins :D

I thaught i would make another blog because i am basicly at home bored and Off work ill . . .
I found out in aprill that i Am pregnant and i had every little Thaught running through my mind
I was happily in love and it all changed . . I still kept the baby and now i am having a little girl , Soo happy!!
As for the Dad we are still talkin and we are going to be adults about it all There is no point in arguing cause it will get us nowhere
I am 20 weeks and 3 days so im half way there now :D
I Will post a pic of my Little girls scans

                                                                  19 weeks 1 day

Hey Guys

Well Lovelys this is My first blog , Im quite shit at these things but i shall give it a go lol
Well my names Michaela (Short name Mich) and im 21
I am single and will always be FML.
I currently work at burger king . . Il be forever Selling Chicken royals and Whopper meals :(
I wear glasses and i am 5 ft 2 . . I love all types of music appart from Elvis and all this Heavy Metal crap And Justin Bieber.

I really dont know what to put for my first blog because this is Just an "About Me" Blog but i shall come up with some stuff to Kill Boredom for you people to Amuse you a little bit :)

Hope you all had fun reading this although there isnt alot to read but it is my first time lol so be nice Hehe

Much love